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SIZE: measures approx: fancy chunky chain bracelet is 8" in length with four different shaped chunky charms. Each one has a decorative bottom. Each charm is measures approximately 1" x 1"and could be used up-cycled as pendants or watch fobs, which is what I was going to do with them. WEIGHT 81.7 grams. ChristmasCONDITION: Good to excellent used by me vintage condition. Although it is unmarked for silver content, we tested the silver in many places, like several areas of the two different bracelet links, the closure the tops, bottom and sides of many different areas on the charms and each area tested as sterling. It weighs 81.7 grams.OTHER DETAILS: I do not know what kind of materials the gems are made out of, they could be stone or glass.FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING: includes boxed bubble wrap, signature confirmation and either USPS First Class or 2-3 day PRIORITY USPS mail with tracking and insurance.This reminds me of a the type of souvenir bracelets from back in the day that my Grandmother wore every once in awhile and I would fawn over! And yes, I have an extensive charm collection starting from my childhood! Let me know if you are interested and I'll start listing them!more kuchi tribal belly dance type bracelets with bells:https://www./listing/152365026/small-vintage-india-jewelry-tribal-kuchilarge coral and turquoise pendant:https://www./listing/110280117/large-coral-and-turquoise-sterlingBanjara Tribal Kuchi statement necklace:https://www./listing/150374208/70s-tribal-kuchi-afghan-jewelry-banjarhand woven tribal bracelets:https://www./listing/112149641/vintage-handwoven-bracelet-bangles-forsmall heave copper purse from India:https://www./listing/109046203/wedding-accessory-copper-anniversaryBanjara tribal embroidered mirrored cowrie vest:https://www./listing/101286561/vintage-textile-vest-with-mirrorHoarder History: I seem to have quite a collection of kuchi type items, which were birthday gifts from my Aunt from the 70s to 80s and then she began to give me Mexican Folk Art jewelry and other items as gifts, however this is something I found for my sari Halloween outfit back in the late 80s or early 90s when I started teaching.Since childhood and my Aunt and Uncle sending me gifts like these from all over the world influenced my love for all things tribal. My first love being Native American jewelry. My affinity for these primitive folk art pendants followed by the growing popularity of belly dancing and now appeal for rustic ethnic designs in Western countries, it seems the Kuchi nomads may have a popular new trade opportunity.If you only want one of the charms that fell off, it is listed here:https://www./listing/152365418/old-world-tribal-multi-stone-charm-fromUntold Destiny: I hope this goes to someone who upcycles it into several different necklaces as family gifts!Information I found interesting about Kuchi tribes from wikipedia:1. Kuchis are Afghan Pashtun tribal people, 60% of whom still live a totally nomadic life traveling between pastoral lands in Afghanistan and Pakistan.2. They raise sheep and goats and exchange or sell the produce of their animals (meat, dairy wool) and the rustic pendants that you see here, in exchange for grain, vegetables, fruit and other products. A large, busy network of exchange has developed along the main routes annually followed by the nomads. 3. Although their migrations were stopped in the early 1960's when the Afghanistan Pakistan border was closed, many Kuchis are still allowed to cross as border officials recognize the Kuchi migrations which occur seasonally and allow them to pass even in times of political turmoil.Please feel free to ask any questions, make an offer, comment, leave feedback, leave info pertaining to this item, just say "Hi!" or request more pics.Before purchasing please convo with zip code for exact shipping costs, especially with combined orders and read shop policies.Most shipping prices quoted are based on USPS flat rate priority shipping, the difference will be refunded from the total based on shipping and handling. International shipping and/or insurance available, please contact for more details. Thank you for taking part in my HoarderRehab via Vintage To Go, Priced To Go!If there is a story behind the purchase of this item, I'd love to know it! I am collecting these stories, instead of more things, as part of my HoarderRehab therapy and will place it on my blog: The Hoarder Rehab Blog: The Destiny of Things or you in advance for your time, story and pics you wish to share! Thank you for taking part in my HoarderRehab!Read 560+ stories from Etsy buyers helping me with my Hoarder Rehab! me and share your story! Thank you!, silver

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