Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ethiopian necklace made of antique handmade silver Jimma beadssilver, Ethiopia. Top of the shelf. Rare.



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Necklace made of antique handmade silver Jimma beads, Ethiopia. These beads are top silver content almost sterling 800-900/1000 made by very skilled jewellers of Jimma, seams have been so well soldered and polished almost not visable. This was the criteria I collected them in the 1965-1980 in Ethiopia. Hard to find these qualities either in silver or workmanship. Used different shape to make it into a handsome timeless necklace . Jimma beads are my passion. t/hey feel so warm to the touch. Will last for ever if not in this way can always be re-strung in any style. The endings and large beads are new (1990) made by an Ethiopian jewller in the traditional way.Very recommended. Costly but will be for ever.Inner string measures 48 cm., rare beads

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